Mahesh empowers and inspires his audience with powerful stories and personal experiences.

With decades of creating billion-dollar products at tech corporations and working directly with the top C-Suite Executives and leaders, Mahesh M. Thakur is dialed into the issues faced by the leaders and their teams today.

Mahesh’s Popular Keynote Topics

Corporate clients engage Mahesh to deliver a variety of leadership keynotes, both in-person and virtually. All topics are customized to suit the needs of your audience and your organization.

Your Team Alignment Determines Your Success

You have this one tremendous opportunity to connect, inform, and energize your employees. You want each person to walk away with meaningful insights that will help them become better teammates.
Mahesh M. Thakur is a perfect opening speaker for your conference to inspire better performance… or as a closing keynote speaker he can reinforce the impact of teamwork, accountability, and relationships!
When he takes the stage as a teamwork speaker, you’ll see people lean forward. And you can sit back and relax…Because you will know you made the right choice.

Delivering Delightful Customer Experience

Drawing from his high-tech experience at Microsoft, Amazon, and Intuit, Mahesh ingeniously illustrates how customer experience across all touch points can play a critical role in delivering a consistent experience.
Allow Mahesh to customize and deliver the perfect power talk for your company or event, just as I have for countless world-class organizations and leaders in customer experience.
For over twenty years, it has been a privilege to delight audiences and leaders with the message of self-investment in the workplace and passion for the work we do in the customer experience industry. Mahesh will bring insights on how AI is powering customer experience to bring delight to customers.

Your Presence Speaks Before You Even Say a Word

What is holding you back from being an effective leader? When you walk into a room for a meeting, pitch, or presentation, your presence speaks before you even say a word.
Mahesh reveals three critical components of executive presence. He provides strategies to authentically build your presence and tools you can use to develop the presence of others on your team. This program ishighly interactive, engaging, and practical.
Participants will leave the program with immediately applicable tools that they can use every day – at work or in their community.


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