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Sought after by corporations, C- Suite Executives, and technology leaders, Mahesh M. Thakur is the world’s Top 100 Globally Recognized Executive Leadership Coach. He is a Stanford certified board member with over two decades of leadership experience in high tech companies viz. Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and Intel. Mahesh is passionate about executive presence, team alignment, and customer experience. He is a Master Certified Coach, and his leadership development system applies to C-Suite Executives, leaders, and corporations alike.
Mahesh M. Thakur coaches and speaks in three areas that help leaders and businesses achieve positive results.

Team Alignment

Build a team that feels aligned, connected, and inspired. Apply a proven and scientific approach that over 200,000 leaders have applied at Fortune 500 companies to foster meaningful and powerful relationships.

Executive Presence

Gain executive presence to open the doors to new opportunities. Master essential areas to demonstrate your executive presence and transform how you are perceived by your organization, peers, and leaders.

Customer Experience

Create breakthrough customer experiences to win your customers. Benefit from the power of AI and data combined with techniques that have worked well for large tech giants to unlock growth.

Top organizations trust Mahesh

Mark Eimer
Chief Technology
Officer Hackensack Meridian

Mahesh's coaching approach is highly insightful and results oriented. He adeptly identified areas where I could improve my leadership skills, communication, and decision-making processes. Through thought-provoking questions and practical exercises, he guided me to explore my potential, confront my limitations, and cultivate a growth mindset. One of the key strengths of Mahesh is his deep understanding of the corporate landscape and the challenges executives face in today's fast-paced business environment. He tailored his coaching techniques to suit my specific needs, providing tailored solutions and strategies to address the complex issues I encountered in my role.

Sudha Thota
Sr. Director
Product Management

I could not have found a better coach than Mahesh to help me grow as a leader. What sets Mahesh apart is that he has himself walked the walk a few times in startups and in trillion-dollar companies. Mahesh understands success takes as much EQ as IQ. He took the time to fully understand my strengths and aspirations. He is very insightful, quick to see the blind spots, and accelerates growth through his coaching. Mahesh helped me transform to achieve both personal and professional growth. I feel very empowered to have an authentic, direct, strategic, compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced person like him as my coach and advocate.

Vijay Kristipati,
Head of Engineering

Every engineering leader focused on building Executive Presence should work with Mahesh. As an engineering leader, building a strong executive presence is crucial for your success. Many engineers struggle with the "soft skills" required to thrive in the executive suite. But with Mahesh's guidance, you'll transform those perceived weaknesses into powerful strengths. The impact of your work will shift from simply being competent to attaining true excellence.Mahesh is a remarkable coach with an unparalleled engineering and product background. Coaching with Mahesh will empower you in ways you never thought possible. You'll gain crystal-clear clarity on your leadership abilities and presence.

Executive Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Leadership Development


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