Executives need a coach and a thought partner who has been there and done that. Coaching empowers them with the framework and powerful strategies to improve customers, employees, and business partners' confidence in the CEO and the C-Suite. Work with a former CEO and a Corporate Executive who has driven stakeholder alignment, renewed partner relationships, created new businesses, and improved organizational survey scores.


Working with a coach is an excellent way for successful individuals and teams to set and achieve higher goals and reach well-defined objectives, create effective strategies, optimize team performance, and improve communications and leadership skills. This training brings a diverse team into a melting pot of abilities. Leadership development and alignment creates high-performance teams leading to whole outcome being greater than sum of its parts.


Identify the ways in which you can unlock your true potential and accelerate growth both professionally and personally. This approach empowers you to prioritize and focus on what matters to you. Successful individuals transition within or outside their organization and reach the new heights in terms of job profile, impact, team size, and the results they deliver. Some participants may also be recognized as having high potential by their employers.


I help successful people engage their employees, close their leadership gaps, and inspire their teams to achieve impactful results.


Mahesh has been named one of the Top 100 Executive Coaches in the World by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

He is a former CEO and has worked at Microsoft, Amazon, and Intuit in various leadership roles.

Client Success

Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technologies

Mahesh is uniquely qualified as an indispensable tech CEO coach. His impressive background brings the right shift in the mindset and strategies every CEO needs to run a successful company. He genuinely listens and dives into your business as your thought partner. His pragmatic advice transforms leaders to change their behaviors, improve stakeholder relations, and better engage their employees and board members.

Jeff Paul, Founder & CEO

I recommend this program with no hesitation. Employee engagement, customer growth, and board relations are critical for every CEO to address. Mahesh helped us with these areas through Active Leadership training. Mahesh brings his Fortune 500 experience and playbooks to help CEOs evolve and grow with their business. I highly recommend this program if you want to build an exceptional company!

Kris Rudeegraap, CEO, Sendoso

Mahesh truly understands what it takes to formulate and deliver product-led growth. Mahesh is a great advisor for founders and CEOs. Personally for me, Mahesh quickly understood the need for us to scale and came up with effective strategies for us to incubate a new line of products. His background from large tech giants and experience with startups makes him a unique partner.

Amit Chachnek, CEO and Founder, weR

Mahesh helped us prepare how to get in front of large investors and made our pitch impactful by including key insights that matter. He has an uncanny ability to understand what customers want and how to approach large enterprise clients. He helped raise the bar on problem-solving and communication which were both crucial for our high-growth startup. I truly appreciate what Mahesh does for CEOs and their teams.

Hyo Jung Song, Vice President of Mobile, Samsung

Executive coaching from Mahesh helped me develop my leadership skills and influence across the organization. His coaching and direction empowered me to maximize my impact within and outside the division. Mahesh brings a rich perspective as a business leader, technologist, and coach. He humanizes and simplifies complex situations I find this combination refreshing because it is very hard to find an executive coach who has been there and done that. I highly recommend working with him to improve your organization and business through practical skills and powerful advice.

Nivedita Ojha, Vice President Platform and Data, Autodesk

As a leader of people and an owner of a portfolio of products, I deal with many complexities and opportunities. Mahesh has been there as a coach and a thought partner. There have been several challenges in my journey, and Mahesh helped me think through these to make effective decisions. Mahesh gave me the tools to nail every opportunity for growth and impact. Mahesh gave me the tools to elevate my teams, the product vision, and the business performance. He helped me become a stronger and high-impact leader.

Sudha Thota, Sr. Director of Product Management, Microsoft

I could not have found a better coach than Mahesh to help me grow as a leader. What sets Mahesh apart is that he has himself walked the walk a few times in startups and in trillion-dollar companies. Mahesh understands success takes as much EQ as IQ. He took the time to fully understand my strengths and aspirations. He is very insightful, quick to see the blind spots, and accelerates growth through his coaching. Mahesh helped me transform to achieve both personal and professional growth.

Jean David Ruvini, Head of AI, Meta

As my coach, Mahesh helped me strengthen my leadership skills and increase my executive presence. Mahesh has industry experience and very power-packed advice that matters when you work with senior execs. I have worked with him for several years, and he has helped me skillfully navigate the uncertainties in fast-paced and very complex environments. Working with him also gave me the strategies to make my team high-performance and accountable. His business acumen, tech background, and work ethic make Mahesh unique.

Shikha Jain, Machine Learning PM at Apple

After 7 long years at Western Digital, I was ready to switch careers. Mahesh provided me the much needed professional guidance every step of the way – from planning to developing new skills, and to believe in myself. I could have never done it without his coaching. Thanks to Mahesh, I am now a part of a Fortune 5 company. We cannot achieve big goals by ourselves. We need the right advice at the right time from someone who has been through the journey themselves. Working with Mahesh has been life-changing for me.

Monisha Kanoth, Monisha Kanoth, Senior Data Engineering Manager, Apple

Mahesh is sharp, wise, funny, highly accomplished, and incredibly knowledgeable, and someone who advocates and roots for you.His enthusiasm for your potential is infectious :). He has coached and supported me as I navigated growing into senior technical leadership. Mahesh is direct and won’t hold back from saying what he sees is preventing you from growing. I appreciate his candor, his wisdom, and his uncanny trait of saying the precisely right thing that you need to hear at the perfect moment. My only regret is not meeting him earlier in my career!

Grace Hu-Morley, Interim CMO, KlearNow

I was seeking an interview coach to help me land job offers and chose Mahesh as he is a Product Management exec in Silicon Valley, not just a career transition coach. Mahesh helped me regain my confidence. Not only was Mahesh’s approach refreshingly straightforward and candid, but also multifaceted. I thought he would start like most coaches do—the mock interview. Actually, he first helped me work through the self-induced roadblocks that were preventing me from landing the right next job. After I got out of my own way, I received two job offers.

Shirish Tatikonda, Head of Data Science and ML Engineering, Walmart Data Ventures

Mahesh helped me grow and become a Director of AI at target. I transitioned from an individual contributor role to a managemenet and leadership challenge by overcoming the challenges. He made me comfortable interacting and working the C-level and SVP level leaders. Mahesh is an accomplished leader in the tech industry and was therefore able to help me see things from the perspective of the C-Suite. Mahesh has a great breadth of knowledge across AI, ML, eCommerce and I feel great about having a thought partner.

Subhan Ali, Senior Manager, Data Science and ML, NVIDIA

Mahesh is the best coach I could’ve ever asked for. There are a lot of things to look for in a coach: are they personable? Do they provide value to me? Do they help me clarify my purpose and how it maps to my job? And there is the most important question: do they get results for me in my career? The answer to all of the above is unequivocally yes with Mahesh. He will work with you from the ground up to help you realize your full potential and realization in your career. He is a true professional and I could not recommend him more for any IC or Manager/leadership role. In the tech industry or otherwise

Mainak Mitra, TPM, Google

Mahesh helped me improve my skills and procided pointers for me to upgrade myself. In my career journey Mahesh has been transformational – he provided me insights on how to position my strengths. He got me to understand the role at Google and help me prepare for facing the interview by being thorough. He boosted my confidence and I highly recommend working with him

Sachin K, TPM Amazon

I had not interviewed for years and I had no idea what it would take to join a large tech giant. Working with Mahesh helped me understand what exactly to focus on and transform my mindset. Mahesh brought out the best in me while guiding me every step of the way – from my career strategy to interviewing, and to getting my dream job. I highly recommend his coaching

Kent Lopez, VP of Sales, Neural Technologies

Mahesh approaches executive coaching with a mixture of mentorship and partnership. My role involves working with partners and board members in the US and worldwide. His approach improved the dynamics with my team, my relationships with the board, and my rapport with the execs. Mahesh has a lot of empathy and deep comfort with scaling systems and knows what it takes to grow the business in a competitive landscape. The Customer NPS and Employee satisfaction scores got much better because of working with him.

Pavithra Khanapurkar, Senior Program Manager, United Health Care

I have known Mahesh for 2 years and have completed 2 annual cycles of career guidance. The beginning year was the most crucial and sensitive time of my life where I felt helpless at the crossroads of a career path. By the time I met him, I had taken 3 years of a maternal break, and by end of the 3rd year, I had zero confidence in getting back to the career world. He helped me unveil my potential and influenced me to never ever undervalue or underrate myself.

Junjie Guan, Staff Engineer, AirBnB

I received five amazing new job offers within months of working with him. Mahesh is technical and knows how to amplify the impact of technology on businesses and products. More importantly, I successfully implemented new and big ideas by being pushed out of my comfort zone. Mahesh is the go-to person if you want to seek career advancement. He is a former engineer and a tech leader who coaches from his experience.

I have led organizations and managed teams at billion-dollar corporations where I developed a framework for successful leaders to ensure you don’t have to

By working with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, I’ve seen that all leaders face similar challenges that hurt their teams, customers, and business. When they overcome their limiting beliefs and behaviors, they see an improvement in employee engagement and their behaviors.

My mission is to help successful people become outstanding leaders. I coach my clients on how to become role models, bring alignment with their teams, and rise together. Because no leader can do it all alone.

Whether you are a current or an aspiring CEO, a leader at a Fortune 500 company, a leader in a high-growth startup, someone who is a first-time manager, or someone who has been identified as a high-performer, I can coach you to raise the level of your leadership and your impact dramatically.

Becoming an outstanding leader will allow you to get to your goals and do in a way where your teams, your stakeholders, and your leaders feel connected to you, support you, and want to be with you in the journey together.


To become an outstanding leader, you need a combination of qualities and pragmatic skills most people lack. Deep confidence in your capabilities, genuine connection to others, radical acceptance, and a commitment to your purpose. Outstanding leaders drive exponential revenue growth and win Best Place to Work awards (at the same time).
Take the first step to begin your journey.


I bring together over 2 decades of my tech and coaching experience into these courses to help you prepare, nail the interview, and win your dream job. I discuss questions and the answers which are asked at Meta, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech companies.

Product Management Interview

Get the professional training and the tools from a Head of Product who is a former Amazon and Microsoft hiring manager.

Technical Program Management Interview

Get the professional training and the tools to prepare for tech interviews, deliver your best performance

Behavioral & Situational Interview

Get the best training to prepare for behavioral and situational interview questions such as conflict management, leadership principles, and more.


Product Management Interview

Technical Program Management Interview

Behavioral and Situational Interview

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