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Unleash Your Leadership Potential Through Executive Coaching with Mahesh M. Thakur

High- Tech Leadership Coach Recognized by 100 Coaches as a Top 100 Executive Coach Worldwide
Elevate Your Leadership in the High-Tech Realm with Mahesh M. Thakur
As a former Fortune 100 senior executive, Master Certified Coach, and experience coaching top executives from the world’s most innovative tech companies, Mahesh M. Thakur has personally experienced and observed challenges faced by high-performing leaders today.
Having provided individualized coaching to hundreds of senior leaders and C-Suite executives, Mahesh establishes a deeper connection with his clients quickly and with ease. His clients open up to sharing things which allows for powerful reflection and assessment of themselves and their organization. As a result, clients achieve lasting changes overcoming their limiting beliefs and their behaviors.
Mahesh is non-judgmental and brings his broad perspectives to help his clients navigate through personal and professional challenges. His innate ability to listen, empathize, and empower his clients has led his clients to outcomes they never thought were possible.
His clients say “Mahesh has been there and done that. His advice stems from decades in high-tech as a senior executive”. Mahesh works with ambitious clients in the high-tech space who know they can achieve more but may feel stuck due to their mindset or due to the old ways of doing things. Results include clients being loved by their organization, employee engagement scores improving, and clients receiving a bigger scope with a promotion.
Personalized coaching sessions
Unleash your inner powerhouse with Mahesh! He’s your secret weapon for navigating the complexities of today’s leadership landscape.
Mahesh doesn’t just listen; he dives deep, uncovering your strengths and opportunities like a master strategist. He’ll help you forge a path forward with laser focus, cutting through the noise to what truly matters
As a Master Certified Coach, Mahesh’s superpower is his balance. He provides expert guidance, sparks insightful inquiry, and equips you with powerful tools – everything you need to maximize your performance and break free from self-imposed limitations.
From day one, you’ll embark on a transformative journey. Together, you’ll unearth your deepest aspirations, define your goals, and tackle current challenges head-on. A customized action plan will emerge, empowering you to elevate your impact and reach new heights.
Mahesh’s clients don’t just survive; they thrive. They radiate clarity, purpose, and unshakeable confidence. Their mindsets soar, their skills sharpened, ready to conquer the ever-changing world with finesse. Are you ready to join them?
Select Leadership Coaching Services:
Your first coaching session is complimentary
Want a taste of leadership mastery? Mahesh offers a special “Trial Session” just for you! This isn’t a dry lecture; it’s an immersive experience designed to ignite your potential.
During this exclusive session, you’ll get a firsthand glimpse of Mahesh’s dynamic coaching style. See for yourself how he ignites clarity, unveils hidden strengths, and crafts a personalized roadmap to your success.
Consider it a VIP pass to the world of leadership excellence. Leave feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to conquer your goals. Don’t wait – reserve your Trial Session today and unlock the leader within!
Sample of Results from Mahesh’s Clients
Mark Eimer
Chief Technology Officer
“Mahesh’s coaching approach is highly insightful and results oriented. He adeptly identified areas where I could improve my leadership skills, communication, and decision-making processes. Through thought-provoking questions and practical exercises, he guided me to explore my potential, confront my limitations, and cultivate a growth mindset. One of the key strengths of Mahesh is his deep understanding of the corporate landscape and the challenges executives face.”
Jeff Paul
CEO and Founder

“I recommend this program with no hesitation. Employee engagement, customer growth, and board relations are critical for every CEO to address. Mahesh helped us with these areas through Active Leadership training. Mahesh brings his Fortune 500 experience and playbooks to help CEOs evolve and grow with their business. I highly recommend this program if you want to build an exceptional company!”

Sudha Thota
Sr. Dir. of Product Management
“I could not have found a better coach than Mahesh to help me grow as a leader. What sets Mahesh apart is that he has himself walked the walk a few times in startups and in trillion-dollar companies. Mahesh understands success takes as much EQ as IQ. He took the time to fully understand my strengths and aspirations. He is very insightful, quick to see the blind spots, and accelerates growth through his coaching. Mahesh helped me transform to achieve both personal and professional growth. I feel very empowered to have an authentic, direct, strategic, compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced person like him as my coach and advocate.”
As you take on more responsibility and move up the career ladder, there can be barriers that prevent you from reaching the highest leadership levels. To break through these barriers, you need to focus on personal and professional development. This includes gaining the support of your stakeholders within and outside your company, improving your executive presence, improving how others perceive you, and being great at attracting and retaining a talented team. Executive coaching provides a customized approach to help with all of these areas.
Coaching can involve both in-person and virtual sessions, assessments, 360-degree feedback, observations, and manager updates. It offers full support, so clients can contact their coach between sessions as needed and receive prompt responses. The goal is to provide individualized guidance to help leaders overcome challenges on their path to the top.
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