Meet Mahesh

Mahesh is recognized as the #1 executive coach in the world by Leading Global Coaches. He coaches leaders at many of the world’s premier organizations, including Google, NVIDIA, Apple, Amazon, and JP Morgan Chase.
Mahesh is a former Fortune 50 executive with P&L and leadership experience at Microsoft Bing, Amazon, and Intuit. Mahesh is also a venture capitalist, a certified Board of Directors from Stanford, and has coached C-Suite and Leadership at billion-dollar corporations. He served on the board of a startup acquired by Reliance.
With unmatched experience and a genuine desire to help people thrive, Mahesh offers coaching clients an incredible advantage. His unique perspective, forged over years of working alongside pioneers like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, provides invaluable direction to those seeking to make their mark. Partnering with Mahesh is an investment in your future and a catalyst for unlocking your greatest strengths.
Mahesh M. Thakur coaches and speaks in three areas that help leaders and businesses achieve positive results.

Mahesh’s clients have shared these about Mahesh:

Growth and Results-Driven
"Mahesh's coaching approach is highly insightful and results-oriented. He identified areas where I could improve my leadership skills, communication, and decision-making processes. Through thought-provoking questions and practical exercises, he guided me to explore my potential, confront my limitations, and cultivate a growth mindset. He tailored his coaching techniques to suit my specific needs, providing tailored solutions and strategies to address the complex issues I encountered in my role”
Mark Eimer, CTO
Hackensack Meridian Health ($7 Billion Revenue Healthcare Organization)
Executive Presence and Influence
“Every engineering leader focused on building Executive Presence should work with Mahesh. As an engineering leader, building a strong executive presence is crucial for your success. Many engineers struggle with the "soft skills" required to thrive in the executive suite. But with Mahesh's guidance, you'll transform those perceived weaknesses into powerful strengths. The impact of your work will shift from simply being competent to attaining true excellence.Mahesh is a remarkable coach with an unparalleled engineering and product background. Coaching with Mahesh will empower you in ways you never thought possible. You'll gain crystal-clear clarity on your leadership abilities and presence. .”
Vijay Kristipati
Head of Engineering, Google
Team Alignment
"“Mahesh helped me strengthen my leadership skills and my executive presence. He has helped me skillfully navigate the uncertainties in fast-paced and remote and hybrid team environments.”
Jean David Ruvini
Head of AI, Meta
Navigating People and Politics
“Mahesh helped me navigate an extreme political situation to become the CEO. The journey and the tools helped me learn lessons applicable at work and in life. The wisdom and the playbook from Mahesh are truly impactful in my role. I highly recommend working with Mahesh”
CEO of a Fortune 500 company

In addition to his coaching prowess, Mahesh’s clients benefit from his extensive network through his pursuits in Venture Capital investing, FAANG companies, and a broad community of Fortune 100 leaders. Mahesh M. Thakur was invited to join the 100 Coaches community, which has the top 100 executive coaches from around the world.

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