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Introducing Mahesh M. Thakur – a leadership coach for Fortune 100 companies, who is transforming executives into confident power-houses that can lead the world’s largest companies to success. Leadership is not for the faint-hearted, but Mahesh brings more than 20 years’ experience to coaching and has helped to build teams at Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and Intel, to name a few. As a successful entrepreneur and technology executive, he is also part of the 100Coaches family and empowers top leaders to face their challenges to achieve the results they want.

True change requires courage, and people in executive positions often have to face responsibilities alone, bearing the brunt of vital decision-making. Mahesh is able to skillfully coach high-level professionals at tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Uber, as well as unicorn startups to master change and fearlessly go after winning results. Through his experience and insight, he is able to support his clients every step of the way, motivating them and helping them to achieve meaningful transformation in their careers but also in their personal lives.


Mahesh understands that everyone is different, and one coaching style may not always apply to every situation. Depending on the end result you have in mind, Mahesh tailors his coaching to suit your personal requirements and executive goals. He specializes in:

  • Leadership coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Interview coaching


Having learned from global business icons such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Smith, Mahesh has a personal understanding of how hard it can be to gear someone towards a life-changing transformation, but also how rewarding the end result can be. From working with the world’s most influential teams and products, he has witnessed first-hand that for real growth to happen, an essential mindset shift has to occur to eliminate the mental blocks that prevent us from reaching our true potential. This is the lesson he brings to those he mentors, and with his expert coaching, many have made this leap and overcome their obstacles to succeed as leaders or secure their dream jobs.

If you aspire towards great leadership skills and executive prowess, Mahesh is the coach for you.


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