Fortune 100 Executive and Leadership Coach

About the Instructor

Mahesh M. Thakur is an expert on leadership, product strategy, and business innovation with 20+ years of experience leading teams at Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, and Intel. He is a part of the most coveted Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches (MG100 Coaches). Mahesh has hired, coached, and transformed executives and teams at some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Mahesh is the coach for professionals at Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and unicorn startups. He knows how to master change, which allows him to support his client’s achievement of the changes they want to see in their careers and lives. Through leadership, executive, and interview coaching, he drives the transformation necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve results. His work has led to the strategic direction and innovative products in companies with a combined valuation of over $3Trillion.

He has taught skills that have made his mentees very successful, secure new job offers, and achieve growth with their current employer. Click here for reviews

Mahesh has had the fortune of working on the most visible teams and impactful products while learning from the brightest minds in the world –Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Smith. Mahesh understands first-hand the difficult yet rewarding nature of facilitating the transformation that is essential to first achieve the mindset and then the results that leaders aspire for.


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