“Mahesh M. Thakur coaches the world’s most talented and successful executives,” according to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. Mahesh led P&L, Product, Engineering, Data & AI, and Ops functions for over 20 years in global organizations, including VP of Product and General Manager at GoDaddy. Having learned from and worked under global business icons such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Smith, Mahesh has a personal understanding of how hard it can be to gear someone towards a life-changing transformation, but also how rewarding the end result can be. Mahesh has worked at F500 companies including Microsoft, Intuit, Amazon, and Intel.

Mahesh is known for his executive experience in management, product, and technology in his roles as:

  • VP of Product and General Manager at GoDaddy: Responsible for working with the Board and the C-Suite to drive the product vision, strategy, and M&A decisions.
  • CEO of PhotoWeaver:  Scaling the company from 0 to 1, hiring and retaining a solid team, commercial partnerships, and launching the app in over 80 countries.
  • Leader at Microsoft, Intuit, Amazon: Drove the technology platform, data & AI initiatives, commercialization. Published research papers and recognized for patents.
  • Board Member at MentorCloud: A leading provider of SaaS to connect mentors and mentees within an organization promoting employee retention and growth. Clients include F500 companies viz. Marriott, Merck, and Santander
  • Former Chief Executive Officer with over 20 years experience in P&L responsibility, Product, Engineering, Data, Ops, Commercial Partnerships, including serving on a lean team under the direct supervision of Bill Gates.
  • Board Member at Reverie – B2B SaaS platform which grew through product and B2B partnerships, and was acquired by Reliance Jio for $27M.
CXO and VP Engagements (select engagements):
1. Auto Desk: VP of Data and Platform, Nivedita Ojha
2. Facebook: Head of AI, Jean Dalf
3. Microsoft:  Senior Director of Product Strategy, Office of the CTO, Sudha Thota
4. WeR:  CEO, Amit Chachnek
5. KlearNow: Interim CMO, Grace Hu-Morley


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