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Machine Learning PM at Apple

Shikha Jain

After 7 long years at Western Digital, I was ready to switch careers. I am glad I took on this course. I am now a part of a Fortune 5 company. We cannot achieve big goals by ourselves. We need the right advice at the right time from someone who has been through the journey themselves.

Product Management - Data Platforms & BI/Analytics

Mohit Vijay

The PM job interview course taught by Mahesh allowed me to be fully prepared for PM job interviews.I got multiple PM job offers and I joined the Fortune 1 company as a Senior Manager, Product Management.


1. Product Management Skillset
3. Creating a Product Vision
5. Leading with Prioritization as a PM
7. Execution – Hallmark of a great PM
9. Being Data Driven is a Critical Skill
11. Win the Job Offer With These Best Practices
2. How to learn Customer Empathy
4. Creating a Product Roadmap
6. Significance of Product Design
8. Thought Leadership for Product Managers
10. Technical Skills for Product Managers

DO YOU WANT TO become a product manager?

do you want to learn from an ex-amazon and microsoft professional?

Get the professional training and the tools from a Head of Product who is a former Amazon and Microsoft hiring manager. Prepare for tech interviews, deliver your best performance, and win your dream job at some of the world's largest companies including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and high-growth startups.

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Learn how to run Product Experimentation for Growth by GoDaddy VP of Product, Mahesh Mohan Thakur

Mahesh M. Thakur speaking at Product Conference organized by the Product School.

Winning the Product Management Job Interview

Enroll here and nail your next interview to win your dream job with FAANG companies and unicorn startups

Product Management Skillset

How to learn Customer Empathy

Creating a Product Vision

Creating a Product Roadmap

Leading with Prioritization as a PM

Significance of Product Design

Execution – Hallmark of a great PM

Thought Leadership for Product Managers

Being Data Driven is a Critical Skill

Technical Skills for Product Managers

Win the Job Offer With These Best Practices

Product Management Interview Course

What better place to get product management interview prep than from a product management interview course? Fortune 100 executive and leadership coach, Mahesh M. Thakur, has carefully curated a product management interview course to help you make the best impression in every interview.

For those who wish to accelerate their professional success, develop new critical skills, and fine-tune their product manager interview prep, this course is the one for you. Everyone can now access the resources that some of the tech world's top executives have used to carve out their paths to success. Are you ready to be at the top of your product management game? Then continue reading to find out everything this course has to offer.


Instructor Thakur is one of the best product management coaches on the market. His experience leading product, program, design, and data teams from some of the most sought-after companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Intuit, is woven into the course to ensure you are getting the best education possible. You will learn over 20 years of experience, tips, vocabulary, and professionalism just from this course.

Skills you will Learn:

Taking a product management interview prep course from an instructor who coaches for fortune 100 companies allows you an inside scoop on what the top tech companies are looking for. Some of the skills you will leave the course with include:

  • How to earn trust through networking
  • The best practices of product management interviews
  • How to create an effective product roadmap
  • How to practice customer empathy
  • Technical Skills
  • Execution Skills
  • How to become data-driven
  • How to think like some of the top executors from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook

More About the Course

The course covers all the necessary areas to get you started in product management in no time. Instructor Thakur carefully developed each section to ensure you learn the ropes in the most effective way possible. Topics the course will cover include:

  • Product Skills
  • Product Vision
  • Prioritization
  • Execution
  • Drive for Data
  • PM Interview Best Practices
  • Customer Empathy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Design
  • Thought Leadership
  • Technical Skills

Course Duration and Structure

The course includes 11 chapters with key interview questions and answers. The interview questions are a mixture of up-to-date questions that FAANG companies and unicorn startups are asking in their interviews.

The duration of the course will vary by user. With 11 chapters, the course can take you anywhere from four days to three weeks to complete depending on how fast you go. Each user is given a lifetime of access to the course. So, the course's resources and the instructor's wisdom will always be readily available to you.

General Information

This course can be accessed in the English language only at this time. The instructor understands how busy life can get. So, for your convenience, your education can happen anytime, anywhere. The course is available on mobile, laptops, and desktops. All sales are digital and are final. There are no refunds offered.

Access this course for unlimited replays from your mobile, laptop, or any device of your choice

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$197 $97

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for this course? What are the advantages?

  1. This course will help you save months and years of struggles and accelerate your way to your dream job.
  2. The instructor is a former Amazon, Microsoft, and Intuit professional who has led product, program, design, and data teams. 
  3. The course has been designed and updated with all the recent questions being asked by the FAANG companies and unicorn startups.
  4. Learn the questions and the answers asked by the large FAANG and other tech companies.
  5. Get the mindset, the vocabulary, and the practice that the instructor has put together after 20+ years of career in tech and after coaching hundreds of professionals in tech.

What is the duration of this course?

With the chapter review and assignment work, the may take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks. You can tailor the speed depending on your desire and goal.  

What is the structure of this course?

This course has 11 chapters and within each chapter, you will learn specific skills and attributes. The instructor will provide you some key interview questions and answers.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifelong access to this course. You can enjoy unlimited replays so that you can prepare for every interview in the years ahead.

Who is the instructor?

Mahesh Thakur is the Vice President of Product, ex- Amazon & Microsoft, and a former engineer with extensive background in high-growth B2B SaaS and B2C product portfolios. He has 20+ years of experience leading product, engineering, operations, design, and data teams in high-impact roles. He is the former CEO of PhotoWeaver. He teaches at Columbia, NYU, and is part of MG100 coaches.

What language is this course delivered in?

This course is delivered in English

How and where can I watch this course?

You can watch this course on your tablet, laptop, mac, cell phone, and your TV. Anytime, anywhere.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are digital and are final. There are no refunds offered

$197 $97