Product manager interview preparation tips to nail your Pm interview

Congrats! You’ve landed an interview. That means it’s time for some product management interview prep.  Read on to learn the five easy steps for a successful interview.

Apply to Top Companies

Before you officially get to your product management interview course and prep, make sure that you are applying for positions at top companies that would make a good fit for you.  We recommend making a quick list of companies ranked by your top preferences.

Once you know where you will apply, you can start learning about the interview practices of your top-choice companies.

Familiarize Yourself with the Process

Most people will go through the following process when applying for a product management position:

  1. Submitting your Application (resume, cover letter, references, etc.)
  2. Phone Interview with HR Representative
  3. Phone Interview with Company Stakeholder (project manager, hiring manager, etc.)
  4. 3–7 In-Person Interviews

Each company has a slightly different interview process and will be looking for something unique from their new hires. Do some research to become familiar with the specifics of the individual companies and positions for which you will interview.

Get Comfortable with the Types of Questions They Will Ask 

Your interviewers will ask you these types of questions throughout the interview process:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technical
  • Analysis
  • Behavioral

The most common types of questions are behavioral, strategy, and design. Behavioral questions are about your background and why you are a good fit for the company. Strategy questions usually focus on product strategy and estimation. Design questions are about product design, product improvement, and your favorite product.

It is good to research the specific company you will interview to learn more about which question types they prioritize and what qualities they look for in your responses.

Practice Your Answers

Practice answering the most popular questions in product management interviews. We put together a quick list of practice questions organized by category to help you prepare. Some of these sample questions show the structure of common questions so that you can plug in multiple options while you are practicing.

Behavioral Questions

  • What makes you a good fit for this position?
  • Describe a significant accomplishment/challenge.
  • Why did you choose to work in this field?

Strategy Questions

  • What is the market size for *product*?
  • Why do you think *company* purchased *company*?
  • If you developed products for *famous company,* what would be your next product line?

Design Questions

  • How would you design *product* for *target group*?
  • Tell me about your favorite app/product/website.
  • How would you improve *standard product*?

Technical Questions

  • Invert the words of a sentence in a string.
  • Explain *concept* to a child.
  • Explain what happens when you execute a mergesort.

Analysis Questions

  • How would you react to a decline in users or subscribers?
  • What metrics would you use to analyze the success of *product*?
  • How would you determine if we should alter the price of *product*?

Mock Interview Practice

Practicing your answers to popular questions is essential, but don’t forget to complete a full mock interview before you go. Ask a friend or family member to stand in for your interviewer and run through your interview from start to finish. Know anyone with experience in the field? Even better.

Wrapping Up

Your product management interview prep can seem stressful, but you don’t need to prepare alone. Follow the tips laid out here or join my online course to learn how to land your top position.

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