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In today’s ultra-competitive tech industry, companies need leaders who rise and face challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise, no matter the current state of the economy. Leaders need to have the ability to articulate what is important and have their teams align with the outcome. Leaders must constantly identify and remove every roadblock to keep the team focused on the singular outcome. Leaders must achieve measurable and impactful results while winning customers and motivating their teams.

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Mahesh has been named one of the Top 100 Executive Coaches in the World by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith; he is a former CEO and has worked at Microsoft, Amazon, and Intuit in various leadership roles.

I work with ambitious tech industry leaders at all levels. I understand the qualities that drive leadership behavior and how to create your leadership brand. I work with you to advance your leadership skills and guide your company’s success.

Working with startup founders and executives at tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, I have developed one-on-one programs that upgrade your leadership potential and transform your leadership mindset, style, and impact.

    • Identify your blind spots through a proven assessment and compare your results to 200K top executives.
    • Improve your leadership mindset and skillset through personalized and pragmatic advice.
    • Gain insight into managing and leading complex stakeholders and teams.
    • Brainstorm ideas and discuss challenging situations with someone with the experience to offer meaningful advice.
    • Find a thought partner to validate your thinking and craft your messaging when you face the board or your employees during an all-hands presentation.

Acquire the skills and strategies needed to unlock your true potential by building your brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

    • Accelerate your leadership impact by doubling down on your core strengths.
    • Perfect the art of storytelling for maximum impact, whether for a one-on-one meeting or presentation to a packed auditorium.
    • Enhance your leadership brand by leading with clarity, purpose, and an effective way of engaging others.
    • Build your industry authority and brand by enhancing your executive presence through increased visibility.
    • Gain macro-level perspective on different business topics while considering the metrics, business, and outcomes.

The Mahesh M. Thakur Advantage

With more than 20 years of experience at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Intuit, Mahesh is a leader who knows what it takes to transform and thrive as a leader. He brings frameworks and best practices to his clients so they save the time and effort needed to become outstanding leaders.

Grow Executive Presence

Evolve the approach you and your leadership team have when it comes to engaging with employees and customers

Improve Team Dynamics

Harness the strength of your team while enhancing morale and cooperation by discovering the hidden dynamics that drive them.

Thought Partnership

Realize unique and thought-provoking perspectives by brainstorming new strategies and ideas.

Influence with Impact

Connect with your audience more effectively by tailoring your message in presentations and decks.

Why You Should Work with Mahesh

Shirish Tatikonda

Director of AI, Target

Learn how Mahesh helped Shirish acquire the leadership skills needed for promotion to Director of AI at Target.

Shikha Jain

Product Manager, Apple

Joining Apple as a data analytics leader, Shikha shared her journey of professional development working with Mahesh.

Advanced Coaching Packages

If you’re looking for more advanced leadership and executive coaching, check out Mahesh’s other coaching programs.

Corporate Executive Coaching

Purge the limiting beliefs in your mindset and make bold industry-impacting decisions.

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